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Because we don’t actually have to make our dreams come true.

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have to make our dreams come true. Some dreams really are better off as dreams. We can leave some in our heads, and keep them for ourselves.

We are allowed the intimacy of being personal with ourselves. You do not have to chase everything. Just because you desire it does not mean it will look the same once reality gets involved.

I’ve watched people spend their lives working to earn the money it takes to buy the foundations for their dreams. They lose so much of their time chasing the vision; they don’t see…

A poem for those chasing temporary

We need our memories to prove to ourselves we exist. This is about distracting ourselves from how different things really are. This is about turning our heads passively (as we’ve always done) as we allow our worlds to be rearranged, right in front of us.

We go to sleep expecting to wake up, just knowing those next 24 are promised to us. Every day some of us are wrong. So precious. So fragile. So give-able, so take-able. We really do take it for granted, don’t we? …

A poem

Some of them will trap you
for the thrill of conquer
and then set you free
some of them will hang you
up on walls in glass cases
some of them will collect you
in glass jars, either way
you will be shown

as some rip off your wings
some will find you
too beautiful to let live
some won’t let you out
some live with open windows

where others
And then there are those
who will recognize
that you are beautiful
those who innerstand
you are to be admired
not admonished

those who still know
butterflies are to be…

It was fun wasn’t it — pretending we were real?

We are animated bar codes created in the images of our own simulations. arranged by a series of a series of numbers. Feeling something beyond us — pulling strings.

We are not in control, our bodies are not our own. We have been programmed and reprogrammed, time and time again, by all of our surroundings. Still, we do what we are meant to do, because choices are illusions.

We are pretty little programs running on a disc — convinced we have a purpose. Because we feel like we exist, so we think what we feel. …

We need to talk about this “put a baby in her” culture

When I was 18, I had been dating a man 10 years my senior for two years. As to be expected in this dynamic, he was very controlling and very emotionally abusive. As I graduated from high school, and started college, it got worse because he was always accusing me of

outgrow him, especially due to our age gap. By the end of August, I broke up with him. He came back two months later, pretending he wanted to make amends.

I accepted his apology but refused to get back with him. As I walked back to my apartment, he…

Our parents’ responses to the mistakes we’ve made have prevented us from learning how to move on from them.

I’ve noticed an entitlement mentality in black parents. Instead of appreciating the blessing of having a child, the miracle becomes an opportunity to claim ownership over another human being, entirely.

Through us, our parents seemed to make up for all the times in their lives that they felt powerless, silenced, and small. We became their retribution. They looked at us, saw themselves when they were powerless, and couldn’t take it.

Thus, parenting became a dictatorship where mistakes weren’t viewed as a form of growth.

Coming of age is hard when you’re not allowed to be any aspect of yourself that…

We were conditioned to believe this key feature as some form of visual impairment.

I was born with astigmatism in both eyes. My eyesight was once worse in my left eye than in my right, but now they’re about the same.

I’m gonna tell you a secret that many of you won’t believe (for years) and then I’ll introduce my theory.

The moment I began my awakening in 2017, my eyesight started getting worse. The further I spiraled the quicker the acceleration. I am now at the point where I have the highest prescription possible to have — or at least that’s what I was told.

Because of this I have paid my vision…

A poem for the woman you chose over me

Does she know how much you like to lie?
does she know you’re the reason I almost died?
in more than a couple ways, more than a few times
does she have any idea you might be out of your mind?
do you think she’ll find out in time?

Does she know why you keep your phone face-down?
how many of our nudes are kept inside of it now?
does she even know where you are when you’re not around?
does she know where you are right now?

Did you trash all your old lovers (now that I’m one)
I bet…


I just write the things.

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